SAR Global Tool is a full-service design and manufacture outfit specializing in custom knives and tools for a wide range of clients.

     Our life saving products are in use around the world. From high speed tactical units operating at the tip of the spear,  to professional adventurers pushing boundaries in all areas of recreation our customers call for the best and we respond.

     All SAR products are designed and proven to be durable, functional and available when you need them most.

    We offer a standardized line of knives, tools and gadgets as well as custom options. New concepts are always in development, so if you don't see it now give it some time and be assured we are probably working out the details. As always, if you have an idea for a project or a question relating to one of our current offerings just click on the Contact Form, send it off and we will get back to you as soon as possible---which will generally be within 24 hours.

     Go ahead and browse our online store to get a glimpse of our custom options as well as tool-concepts past and future.

SAR Global Tool, established in 2006, is a registered trademark.
We are a family run, veteran owned and operated, so buy with confidence!